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lesson2: Mogharrabin Mysticism

In the name of God _ Shiite Pure Wisdom _ Mogharrabin Mysticism _ Islamic Worldview Greetings Hello dear friends, after getting acquainted with the types of worldviews and choosing the God’s worldview, we need to know what steps have to be gone through in order to achieve it. These steps …

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Lesson 1:Pure Shiite Wisdom

_ Pure Shiite Wisdom _ Mogharrabin Mysticism _ Islamic Worldview Introduction: Hello dear friends before starting the discussion, it is necessary to get acquainted with the purpose of teaching this subject matter. Achieving the right and realistic worldview is the most important achievement of this article, because people live according …

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Introduction to Irfan 3

the question inevitably arises here about the relation between the ideas of ‘irfan and the teachings of Islam. Of course, the ‘urafa’ never claim that they have something to say that is above or beyond Islam, and they are earnest in their denials of any such imputations. In fact, they claim to have discovered …

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